East Moon Pre-Cast - Concrete Septic Tanks, Water Troughs, Cisterns and more..
 East Moon Pre-Cast is located in Chemult, Oregon - in Klamath County. We are focused on providing high-quality service for customers and contractors satisfaction - we strive to we meet your expectations..
Products Available...
500 gallon Concrete Septic Tank
1,000 gallon Concrete Septic Tank
1,500 gallon 2 Compartment Concrete Septic Tank
 2,000 gallon Concrete Septic Tank
Concrete Livestock Water Troughs - Built to your specifications
Livestock Feed Bunks
Concrete Water Cisterns - Custom built
Concrete Outhouses Vaults
Grade Rings
Parking Bumpers
Stepping Stones, Benches, Planters, Fire Pits
and growing each day...
Always welcome special orders...
Everything is built to your specifications..
Concrete Livestock Water Trough with Wildlife Escape Ramp Septic Tank Parking BumperEast Moon Pre-Cast - Chemult, Oregon Klamath County Concrete Septic Tank Livestock Water Trough Parking Bumpers Grade Ring
Two Brick Concrete Stepping Stone 18
Concrete Parking Bumpers
We produce a variety of precast products: Concrete Septic Tanks, Concrete Livestock Water Troughs with Critter Escape Ramps, Concrete Cattle Feed Bunks, Concrete Water Cisterns, Grade Rings, Parking Bumpers and more. We have just added to our product lines, stepping stones, planters and benches.  Check out our products pages for pictures and information on specific products or if you have a design in mind we can precast it for you. Feel free to call or email with any questions, price and delivery rates..
East Moon Pre-Cast
100758 Dalles St
PO Box 174
Chemult, Or.  97731
(541) 480-9341